The Magnificent Seven

By Ian
8th April 2022

The muster point for our venture was the car park at the top of Tullybaccart. As suggested by the title of the walk there were seven of us. We considered The Famous Five as a title but that would have been confusing.

The planned itinerary

Our plan was to walk over to Newtyle via Lundie Crags and the Meridian Monument then complete the Newtyle Loop.

The temperature was about four degrees and we set off with the wind at our backs at a fairly swift pace. When sheltered from the wind a fleece or coat was too hot; when in the wind it was absolutely necessary. Most of us kept with the outer layer throughout.

Where’s the Spring sunshine?

The walking was fairly easy throughout although there were a couple of boggy patches. After 4 miles we had a coffee and cake stop. Today it was chocolate cake, supplied by Chef de Mission. Marvellous!!

Just nearing the lunch stop we got a bit off route and ended up having to traipse through some very rough ground suitable for breaking ankles.

Let them eat cake

The lunch stop was overlooking a field, Newtyle and Kinpurnie Hill, with the sun shining but the wind keeping temperatures low.

We had our own provisions which were then supplemented with more cake. WOW!

During lunch we decided to go straight back and not do the Newtyle Loop.

No more cake?

Change of plan

On the return we went straight up Newtyle Hill instead of skirting it as we did on the way out. It was a steep climb and got the legs and lungs stretching before we reached the top.

Just what was in that cake?

Our correct route was left at the top of the hill but we ignored that and kept straight ahead until we realised that we were too far north. It was then a ten minute route correction through gorse, heather and bog until we reached the correct path.

At Meridian Monument we contemplated whether to go down to lochside and return below the crags or stay with the original outward route. The original route took the vote.

Another hour saw us back at the car having completed 11 miles in just under 5 hours including stops.

The Band is getting hill fit, but 11 miles is only half of our fifth day distance of 23 miles.

Oh, my aching limbs…