The 1000 Years Hike

The idea for The 1000 Years Hike arose after one of our friends, Stuart Fraser, succumbed to prostate cancer in September 2021. As a group, we had been planning to enjoy some leisurely time together in May 2022, but Stuart’s passing changed that. We decided to walk the West Highland Way in his memory, to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

Why “The 1000 Years Hike”? Although we were only 16 Brothers (15 walkers), the sum total of our ages exceeded one thousand years at the start of the Hike. Mainly retirees, we knew it would be challenging, as was the organisation, planning, and especially the training and fundraising involved.

We set up this website to keep our supporters up-to-date with our progress on the journey from concept to completion. Newsletters, both online and available as a PDF, also helped to keep our followers informed. Will we go again? Perhaps. You can still subscribe to our newsletter for periodic updates.

Our supporters were exceedingly generous, supporting our efforts via our JustGiving page. Our thanks to all who contributed – you smashed the target.

Thank you!

The 1000 Years Hike