The West Highland Way

There are various ways to walk the West Highland Way. The route we chose is fairly standard and followed the more popular south-to-north trek, but with a couple of detours. These were necessary because we needed to find overnight accommodation for sixteen of us.

“Why didn’t you take tents?”, you might ask. Well, mainly because we didn’t want to carry any excess baggage, and overnight gear would add significantly to the weight. Wild camping is permitted, but only for small numbers, and sixteen guys was pushing it. Also, reserved accommodation gave us the opportunity to dry out when the weather turned against us. But the ultimate deciding factor was that nobody was willing to put up with a certain Brother’s snoring for five nights.

The West Highland Way’s official website gives more detail on the various options, and much more in-depth information about the route.

Walk Highlands is another excellent source of information. If you’re interested in all things to do with walking in Scotland, and first-hand accounts from contributors, this is the site to visit.