Presentation to Jeff Stelling

Jeff Stelling is presenter of Sky TV’s Soccer Saturday, and an Ambassador for Prostate Cancer UK. He has supported the 1,000 Years Hike since he heard about us in December 2021. He was in Dundee on Sunday 10th April 2022 and took the opportunity to meet some of the Brothers during his visit.

Stuart’s brother, Garry, inaugurated Jeff as an honorary member of Stu’s Band of Brothers by presenting him with a Stu’s Band of Brothers t-shirt and fleece, and an exclusive “1,000 Years Hiker” badge.

Garry presents Jeff with his insignia
Honorary “1,000 Years Hiker”

Jeff has tweeted his support for the Hike, and gave us a “shout out” on Soccer Saturday a few weeks ago. He followed our progress during the training hikes.

The Brothers were delighted to meet Jeff outside his hotel, when he expressed some envy about the walk and the fantastic scenery we were going to experience. He donned his t-shirt for further photographs with two more Brothers; Ian and Lindsay.

Thanks for your support Jeff, and for all you do in your role as Ambassador for Prostate Cancer UK!