The Great Trossachs Trail

By Garry
31st January 2022

The anomalies of the British weather were paramount in my last outing with the Grampian Club, a bunch of hikers/climbers from Dundee and Perth. The Club runs one of the most detailed, well-organised days out in the hills than you’d care to mention. They provide a bus to and from the chosen venue and offer a choice of four or five hikes with a designated leader.

Normally, a January hike would be knee-deep in snow, with multiple layers and an earnest wish that Spring would bloomin’ well hurry up! Not this year though. I was chosen to lead a group from Loch Katrine to Callander, along the Great Trossachs Trail, and the conditions were absolutely superb.

Mild and sunny with a cloudless sky that made you think that spring had already sprung and that summer was well on its way. Walking was on a good and well-established track which was pretty much like the terrain we’re likely to expect on the WHW.

I hope we can expect similar weather!