Mount Faber

Gordon sets off on his second training walk in Singapore. After the flat terrain around the Singapore River, this is in the treetops.

By Gordon
7th March 2022

My previous blog had me taking in the amazing buildings along the river in Singapore. One of my alternate walks is to tackle the monster known as Mount Faber and then head along to Kent Ridge on the south-west side of Singapore.

Mount Faber stands at 106m. It is the home of the Singapore Cable Car. However, recognizing my need for exercise I walked up.

Walking from my apartment in Tiong Bahru, I ventured along the local street for twenty minutes until I reached the bottom of the staircase. There is a road where one could walk up on a more gentle incline. However, up for a challenge, I took on the staircase which took me most of the way, followed by another path to the top. Time elapsed for the climb – ten minutes.

Faber Steps
Henderson Waves

Thereafter, I headed over to Henderson Waves: an interesting and beautifully constructed undulating bridge with a height of 36m. It’s an elaborate way to cross a motorway but it does link Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park and provides a pleasant walk through the Southern Ridges.

Hort Park and Kent Ridges

From there I continued on to the Forest Walk (Treetop) leading down to Hortpark. An elevated walk-way up in the trees makes for a different perspective from the specially constructed path.

Treetop Walk
Hort Park

From Hort Park and its beautiful gardens, I marched on through Kent Ridges, ultimately arriving in the Tech Industrial area of Singapore.

The total walk to this stage was around 8.5km; knowing the challenge I will face in Scotland, I kept going along the road until I reached Buona Vista MRT station, part of the East West line which would take me directly back to Tiong Bahru.

Another pavement walk from the station to home added 1km resulting in a total stroll of 12km on a wonderful sunny, hot day in Singapore.

Kent Ridges

All of the walks and trails which are being covered as part of my training include at least part of the PCN (Park Network Connector) which is being built around and across Singapore. The PCN of Singapore is an island-wide network of green corridors linking major parks and nature areas across the Island. With more than 300km of trails, the PCN presents an opportunity for all outdoor enthusiasts to walk, run, cycle and roller blade.

I do know I need to step up the distance and frequency. Hopefully tomorrow!!