I’m originally from Bathgate, where my nickname was simply Jock. We don’t do much improvisation in Bathgate.

Most of my life has been taken with sport but, as the years went by, the sports changed to hobbies. Although golf could be regarded as a sport, playing music in a rock band isn’t.

During my working life in the computer department, I wasn’t particularly active during the day. I wasn’t getting my heart racing in the evening either, especially Friday nights in the pub.

About 3 years ago I had a mild, but pretty comprehensive, heart attack. This somewhat focused my mind onto my health. As retirement was looming, I didn’t want to lose all that retirement money that I’d saved years to accumulate.

Upon retirement, Geoff and Lindsay suggested I come along with them for walks in the local hills and mountains. We live in Switzerland, so there is no shortage of beautiful scenic walks. Now a regular event on Mondays and Fridays, it is enjoyable exercise with many great memories.

We also created a new branch of our Golf Society. We named it the senior midweek golf unlimited social or SMUG for short. Meeting every Wednesday, we have a round of golf followed by a leisurely drink. Add in a bit of chat and the world is put to rights.

Two years ago, I found out that I have a small cancerous growth in my prostate. It’s checked regularly and I’m living with it without too much worry. So, when Lindsay mentioned this walk I was all ears. To raise funds for prostate cancer research, I am keen to get on with it. Also, it will be a great chance to get back to Scotland once again.