Gordon – Andy Ripley & Maggie’s

The reality of Prostate Cancer came home to me in 2007. I attended a Rugby World Cup Sevens Dinner at the Hong Kong Club. These events are generally a little wild in with the alcohol flowing freely and speakers telling risque stories and jokes.

Andy Ripley was different. He was the keynote speaker and talked about his battle with prostate cancer. He highlighted the danger to all men; men who constituted the majority of the audience. His speech was quite a change from the norm at these events but it certainly rang home with me.  At the time, Andy thought he was in a good position.

Within three years the cancer returned and he was gone. With this disease, we can take nothing for granted.

A number of organisations provide magnificent support to cancer sufferers but I would like to give a special mention to Maggie’s Care Centres. I know the facility at Royal Marsden provided great support and comfort to Stuart. Their Centre in Edinburgh continues to provide considerable help and encouragement to another great friend of mine, Roy, who continues his battle with this dreadful disease.

I hope that you will be able to support us in our efforts, and please, think about your own health.