I have been Checkshirt to my Scottish mates for the last 40 years. It’s a long story, but there’s a clue in my profile picture.

I moved from Dundee to Croydon as an aspiring accountant at the tender age of 19. A couple more of my college classmates moved the following summer.

When the WHW was first mentioned a few months ago, I had already lost 2 stones during lockdown. I was walking 5-6 miles most days plus daily exercising on the bike. Walking 96 miles over 6 days through the Scottish Highlands with a bunch of fellow pensioners didn’t really appeal. When we decided to do the walk in memory of Stuart, I had no hesitation in signing up.

I am now a member at a local gym, doing a minimum of 4 sessions per week – cycling and swimming. Being under no illusion that I shall need to step this up, I’m looking for a few hills nearby. I need to build up to do 5-6 hours of walking in a day. We shall all no doubt have a few aches and pains after our West Highland Walk, but these won’t last. What will always last, are our memories of Stuart and his fighting spirit throughout his battle. He was an inspiration to us all. I am proud and humbled to walk in his honour and to raise support and awareness of prostate cancer.

Listen to Allan’s interview with Surrey Hills Radio.

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