Under Way

We’re getting some momentum now. Stu’s Band of Brothers is at full complement for the walk – fifteen being the maximum we can accommodate at this time.

We’ve started work on our website, and connected with Prostate Cancer UK. We won’t be making the material for our t-shirts, but we’re planning to do as much as we can ourselves – communications, logos, branding (with some creative assistance from friends and family) so that costs are kept as low as possible and all contributions will go directly to Prostate Cancer UK via JustGiving. Stuart’s suggestion that we call ourselves “Stu’s Band of Brothers” has given us the perfect theme for the walk, and that’s something we’ll build upon, taking our inspiration from these guys:

Radio silence for a while now as we get our heads down and try to hit the 26th November launch date.

Stop Press: We are now sixteen Brothers for the walk.